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(2)各方查證報告:美國路透社查證報告可參考[3]. Medica查證報告可參考[4].
(3)文中稱<他們有證據顯示PCR無法檢測病毒>, 作者是律師,顯然跟絕大多數醫療專家的認知相左。PCR測試呈陽性表示被測試的人,現在或曾經感染過新冠病毒。


[4] Medica查證

(中文字幕) 雷尼 福米希 博士與1000名律師有證據顯示大流行是反人類的罪行 Dr.reiner-fuellmich-1000-lawyers-

雷尼 福米希博士是一名訴訟律師,他從100名科學家收集到所有證據,證明這場新冠大流行是有史以來最嚴重的危害人類罪。他正在與全世界1000名律師合作,起訴所有參與這一反人類罪的人。他們正在準備第二次紐倫堡審判。 他們有證據顯示PCR 測試是欺詐,無法檢測病毒。此外,封鎖也沒有科學依據。 要自己看所有證據:Https:// 原出處 (

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: scientific evidence that covid is crime against humanity - Stop World Control

World famous trial laywer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich says he, and dozens of laywers worldwide, have all the evidence that the pandemic is a crime against humanity.

PCR tests are reliable to detect and monitor COVID-19 infections, which are real and have caused millions of deaths worldwide - Health Feedback

COVID-19 is a real pandemic that has caused more than 545,000 excess deaths in the U.S. as of 17 June 2021. PCR tests are a very reliable tool to monitor the spread of the virus because they are highl

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