1/10 In-service and backup physicians typically have the right to receive medical care from a free service provider and are automatically enrolled in a program called TRICARE Prime, the DoD's medical rights program, TRICARE is free for military doctors.TRICARE may involve some out-of-pocket expenses for the employee.The cost depends on the doctor's level and home planning options.Life Therapy can receive free medical care and benefits in healthcare settings. Vacation policy: Military leave requirements; the following conditions are central to the vacation period. *Emergency Evacuation *The military sick leave policy is an important command requirement, and care must be taken to prevent abuse of sick leave. Frequent vacations contribute positively to morale, performance standards and professional enthusiasm. **Replacement of doctor: $4,000 *Holiday fee: $1,500 Military jet application: $6,000 Total: $11,500 Note: Until the end of the holiday, Dr. Chen's position needs to be rescheduled and changed.This is the cost of bringing the redeployed doctor to Ukraine, which must be paid before he is allowed to officially leave the camp. The U.S. Army Holidays Department does not accept current payments of the above fees and must be paid directly to the bank account provided by the vacation applicant. After this fee, the applicant's flight schedule and all important departure documents will be ready and sent to the address immediatㄨ
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這則訊息中有幾個地方需要特別注意: 1. TRICARE Prime被描述為免費提供給軍醫的計畫,但TRICARE實際上是美國國防部的醫療計畫,並非僅限於軍醫。因此,這裡的描述可能存在誤導性。 2. 訊息提到了一些費用,如醫生的等級和家庭計畫選項可能會影響成本,以及有關替代醫生、假日費用和軍用飛機申請等費用。這些費用的來源和合法性需要進一步驗證,以免閱聽人受騙。 3. 最後提到需要支付一筆費用才能讓一位醫生離開烏克蘭,這可能是詐騙手法的一種描述。閱聽人應該警惕這樣的要求,確保不會成為詐騙的受害者。
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