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It was a typical night at the movie theatre in Singapore, until suddenly, a man in the audience suffered a heart attack.
Panic set in as the audience watched the man struggle for his life.
Doctors and assistants rushed to the scene, desperately trying to save him.
And then, a miracle happened.
The two medical professionals quickly sprang into action, slapping the man's inner elbow.
Within just two minutes, the man had recovered.
This amazing technique is captured in this video and serves as a critical lesson in emergency situations.
Heart attacks can strike suddenly and leave people feeling helpless.
Many people die on their way to the hospital, but you can help save a life.
By slapping the inner elbow of the left hand, you can stimulate the three acupressure points around the heart and lungs.
This helps to accelerate blood circulation, make a person feel warm, and stop sweating.
This simple technique can increase body temperature, prevent the accumulation of blood clots, and facilitate blood circulation.
It's important to remember to take the person to the hospital immediately after applying this method.
But it's not just for emergencies.
By touching the inside of the left elbow every day, you can prevent heart disease and reduce the incidence of heart attacks.
Small efforts can make a big difference.
Share this vital information with all your friends and family.
Remember, small actions can save lives.
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一、醫師指出,心臟病發作應立即送醫,拍打手臂不僅無效,反而會延誤治療。 二、正確急救方式為儘速撥打119,確認患者意識與呼吸心跳,適時實施心肺復甦術或使用電擊去顫器。 三、醫師指出,醫學上沒有證據支持拍打手臂可以促進血液循環或預防心臟病,最好的預防方法為建立良好生活習慣。 因此,傳言為「錯誤」訊息。


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