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網傳「醫管局發出的通知,流感預防的方式,就是要保持喉嚨黏膜的濕潤,因此一定不要忍耐不喝水。喉嚨的黏膜乾燥,在10分鐘內病毒就能入侵體內。每次喝50-80cc的溫水.......」。經查: 一、傳言指稱「醫管局通知」,但台灣並沒有「醫管局」這個政府機關。 二、香港才有「醫院管理局」。但香港醫管局澄清,該局並沒有發出這則訊息。 三、醫師指出「保持喉嚨黏膜的濕潤」、「不能讓喉嚨乾燥」、「喝溫水」等方法,
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Notification from the Department of Health: The EB Flu is very serious this time, The way that has precaution, want to keep throat mucous membrane wet, cannot let throat dry, therefore must not endure not to drink water, the mucous membrane of the throat is dry, in 10 minutes the virus can invade the body. Drink 50-80cc of lukewarm water each time, the child 30-50cc, depending on age, feel the throat a little dry to drink, Dont think about it, dont hold back. Keep water on hand to provide water. Water doesnt have to be drunk at a time. Its useless to get it out of the body quickly. Its right to keep your throat moist and dry all the time. Before the end of March, places with a large number of people should not go. If you need to take the MTR or bus, please wear a mask. Dont make it hot. Dont take too much vitamin c. (Everyone sends this message to the parent group)
The CDC reminds: the recent flu characteristics: 1, fast high fever, not easy to reduce, fever after the re-fever. After fever, turn into cough period, the duration is long. Children predominate. Pharyngeal symptoms were the most common symptoms in adults, accompanied by headache and general malaise. 5 Highly contagious. Warm reminder, parents, the old people and children of the family to beware of the whole middle!
※Room temperature must not be high, 25 degrees

The virus is serious recently, everybody takes care of oneself body, at the same time reminds the child to pay attention to hygiene to clean, drink water more.
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