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至於中國大陸的確診人數的可信度,The Diplomat、FOX、CNN、Forbes等多家外媒皆有多元觀點的報導,WHO亦於2020年4月1日記者會有所評論。

Opinion Sources

2020年3月26日The Diplomat報導-Can China's COVID-19 Statistics Be Trusted?

2020年3月31日FOXnews報導-Coronavirus is latest in China's history of trying to cover up negative info

2020年4月3日CNN報導-As China goes back to work, many wonder if the country's coronavirus recovery can be trusted

2020年4月7日Forbes報導-China—Heavily Criticized For Its Coronavirus Numbers—Claims No New Deaths

(WHO突發衛生事件規劃執行主任Michael Ryan提及資訊透明度問題也可能是量能不足所致)

Coronavirus is latest in China's history of trying to cover up negative info

Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here.Months after the coronavirus began to surface in China, the outbreak has spread across the world, killing th

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